There’s a theory…. My theory.

I’m Jordan Thomson, the creator of this wonderful little world I’d like to introduce you to… Journal Theory.
I believe that some of the most impactful stories, inspiration & lessons to be learned come from everyday women. I myself, am somebody who enjoys being an open book. I like to put my emotions out there and where my heart on my sleeve. Its who I am. At times, I can even be a bit of an emotional exhibitionist!
Now, I realize that not everybody is like that. I recently had taken a look at my own social circle and my closest friends and realized that each one of them had a very unique story. Each woman had gone through a major life event that was a really big part of their life; miscarriage, divorce, infertility, career change, marriage, death of a parent, the list goes on. What I found interesting was that these were incredible stories… and they were virtually untold.
Now, I realize it may not become natural for everyone to put their story out there for the world to hear. So, it lead me to wanting to create a space that was a safe environment for women to share their stories in hopes that it would positively impact other women out there. That’s exactly why I created the Journal Theory podcast. I have my own stories that I fully intend to share, but I didn’t want that to begin and end with just me.
I’ve gone through some wonderful things and some awful things and I know that every single person on this earth deals with that. Because of this, we are way more relatable to each other than we think we realize.
I just want to share. I want to give myself and other people a platform to talk about their life! To learn from each other and have this safe space to talk about things that are hard, the things that have transformed us, and talk about the parts of life that have helped us grow and find true joy.
Your everyday woman walking down the street has a story to tell, and I wanted to build a home for that.
Welcome home!

Journal Theory

Hi There! I'm Jordan Laine Thomson. A writer at heart, an emotional exhibitionist, a proud mama, semi-cool wife, and world's worst small-talker. I believe I've been put in this earth to share my gifts with others through written & spoken word. I have a knack for people, despite my shy & introverted tendencies. Multi-passionate does not begin to describe my personality, it just makes things more confusing. It's my mission to inspire you to write, share & evolve.
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