What it’s Really Like to be a Stepmom- with Sara Miller



“I was scared shitless”


I sat down with my good friend, Sara Miller and we discussed what its really like becoming a Step-Mom… to twin girls.

It just so happened to be the 6th Anniversary of the day she met her now husband, Josh. My Husband is one of Josh’s best friends and also godfather to his twin girls, Maika & Makena. I met this little family 5 years ago and have been lucky to be a part of their lives ever since.

Sara has been through quite a bit, especially in the past few years that I have known her. One thing I have always admired about her is how she has stepped into the role of being a step-mom to Josh’s twin daughters and has been all-in since day one.

She’s always made it look so easy and natural which is why I was so surprised to hear that before she met Josh, kids were always a dealbreaker for her. But this family changed her…

She says, “You never know if the kids are going to like you, and if you are going to like them.”

Sara made a really interesting point that unlike Mom’s who carry their children, step-parents don’t really have any time to prepare for having a child. No one dreams of being a stepmom one day. Nobody reads a book about becoming a step-parent. It doesn’t happen on accident.  How do you prepare for something like this?


Being a child of divorce, I have a special place in my heart for step-parents. I cannot imagine how challenging it would be to step into an already formed family and try to parent inside of it. Its hard enough raising my own child… I have so much respect for those who have the heart to raise others.

At the end of the the day, this world needs step-parents!

We’ve connected since day one…and it’s changed me.


Affirmations from Sara’s Message:

I am capable.

I am fortunate to have these children in my life.

I am the best parent I know how to be.

I know exactly who I am, and what I need to do for my family.


Journal Prompt:

Not Giving into Negativity-  Identify something that is negatively affecting your life, your headspace, your vibe right now. Write down 10 things that you appreciate about this situation, things you are grateful for, and things you enjoy. When we practice gratitude, we cannot be angry or resistant. We simply release the negativity.


Sara Miller  \   @mrs.saramiller


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