What if CELEBRATION was the key to stop SABOTAGING your goals?

How important is to celebrate all the little wins in your life? It can be the difference between achieving all of your goals…
or not.
If you’re like me, you have have these lofty goals for yourself and your life.. which is great! These goals help create a clear picture of what we want 1 year, 5 years, or 20 years from now. But what often happens is we look at the end goal and the end goal only, and we only see how far away we are from that dream reality.
It can be discouraging.
So, what do we do?
Its important to keep that BIG goal in mind- write about it, daydream about it, visualize it, breed that feeling into existence.
But it’s also important to keep in mind that all of your dreams are not going to manifest overnight. You’re not going to wake up in your own mansion, marry the love of your life, drive your dream car and making millions of dollars from passive income at the snap of your fingers- that just doesn’t happen that quickly.
It can and will happen if you allow it, but just know that a lot of little micro-wins and smaller success are going to come along the way. Think of them as the building blocks of your journey.
If we don’t stop and celebrate those, we aren’t acknowledging or noticing that we are making our way towards that end goal or that dream life.
Think about every little micro-win or success as a marker along the way and it is your indication that you are getting closer to reaching your goal.
Think of it as a marathon, each mile marker is an accomplishment! Every mile a runner completes is an indicator that they are getting closer to the finish line.
Let’s take fitness as an example… we can all relate to this right?!
Let’s say someone has an ultimate goal of losing 50lbs… that is daunting task if you just look at it in its entirety.
Let’s get real about a couple of things first:

It sure as hell isn’t going to happen over night.. or even month later.

It takes time and it takes a lot of micro-winning moments to get there.



So, what would a micro-win be?

I worked out consistently for my first week ever!

I’m a month into my fitness journey and I have not quit!

I’m getting stronger and leaner ever week

This are all markers!

Its really important to celebrate these for a couple of reasons:

It helps you feel like you are actually accomplishing something.


If you waited to celebrate your hard work and dedication for the day when you lost 50lbs… that journey is going to feel like REALLY HARD work and its going to be grueling


Chances are you are probably not even going to make it to that goal- because you are not reaping the benefits of your hard work.


Chunk it down! Every week you lose weight, that is a success!


Celebrate that 1lb weight loss like you’ve lost your 50lbs already, because you are moving the needle, you are getting closer and closer to reaching your goal.

Maybe the fitness example isn’t resonating with you- but if it is, I want you to celebrate ALL THE AREAS Where you are making progress!
Are you down 1/2 an inch? hell yes!
Are you down a lb? That is a well-earned lb lost- that is 3500 calories (units of energy) worth of a change that you made in your lifestyle
Are you sleeping more? – thats a success!
Theres a couple of things that don’t happen if we don’t celebrate the journey


If its not FUN, you are not going to enjoy the process. If that is the case, then you probably aren’t going to keep up.

If there aren’t positive emotions associated with this journey to your goal- then you might not get there.

The emotion is what you are after…. its not just being 50lbs lighter- its the way you are going to FEEL when you are 50lbs lighter. If this is grueling, unpleasant, and no celebrations are happing, then there is no indication that these feelings of fun, confidence, excitement joy, and love towards your body are going to take place when you do reach your goal.



It’s human nature, we won’t follow through.

If we don’t celebrate the small accomplishments, its kind of like a slap in the face to the universe- or god, or angles, or whatever you believe in.

Here they are giving us these tools and gifts of gradual progress (its their way of saying LOOK! we are making this co-creation process happen together!) and we’re basically saying this isn’t good enough, all I want is my 50lb weight loss. Screw the one lb,  thats not my goal- and I’m not going to be grateful and thankful until I get there. Ouch.

So you’re sending a signal saying- I’m only going to be happy if I lose 50lbs. Currently I’m not happy with what I am achieving- and all that does is attract more feelings of unhappiness with your current reality.

Therefore your journey will become stagnant.

When there is not gratitude, there is resentment- and thats a low vibration. That is not a feel good emotion.

And so when you are in that low vibration and you keep asking to lose weight- you are attracting more of of that vibration.




What to do instead?

If you lose a pound, you say HECK YES!!! I AM 1lb closer to my goal. Thank you so much for this experience! I am choosing to believe that I am getting closer and closer to my goal.

The more you can feel like that around all of these actions and you get excited about all the steps along the way.

The quicker its going to manifest

The more fun is going to be when you continue upon this journey.

Too often we focus heavily on the end goal in a mindset of “I have so far to go…”
That statement doesn’t feel good, does it?
That is a LACK mentality- we’ll talk more about that later on.
When you focus on what you are lacking in, the more you are going to LACK. And I know that sounds so simple and almost stupid but is so true.
When it’s not fun or generating “feel good” feelings, your focus neds to be shifted.
Focus on what you have accomplished so far.
Its as simple as that and we as humans overthink it. Including myself.
The BIG PICTURE POINT is to always be focused and clear on what you want, but don’t be so hard-nosed and ultra-focused on the end goal that you can’t recognize when you’ve accomplished something.
Don’t let the end goal prevent you from seeing when life is happening and unfolding right in front of you eyes.
Feel that. Live that. Appreciate that. Love that.
We don’t celebrate each other enough. WE sure as hell dont’ celebrate ourselfves enough.
What have you done today that deserves a pat on the back, a high five, some flowers, a cupcake, a dinner out, a vacation- whatever.
Celebrate it. That is going to perpetrate more great stuff in your life.
I REALLY hope this resonated with you in some way shape or form because we all have a goal:

Whether its a financial goal

A fitness goal

A personal development goal

A business goal

We are all working towards something.
Ask yourself- Am I celebrating myself enough or am I putting so much pressure on the outcome that I can’t see that life is unfolding FOR me right now.
Ask yourself- Am I operating from this Lack mentatiliy? Do I feel like i have more, or less than in this situation?
See if there is any area where you can shift your focus
Of course I HIGHLY suggest journaling about this. Free write on it, or start jotting down how this journey to the goal is making you  feel?
If you are more logical or analytical, write down the big goal and chunk it down. Each time you accomplish those little chunks- celebrate it.
If you are my speakers- talk this situation out to yourself. Record and listen back to it. You are really going to feel where your mindset is at if you do your spoken journal
I would LOVE if could tag me in your micro-wins and small success going forward. I want to see that you are celebrating your journey because its so important… and I want to celebrate with you!!!
Thank you!

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