How I Manifested my Husband |The Surprising Lessons I learned from Rebounds & Relationships

In January 2013, Eddie walked into my life and I believe it was all a manifestation….

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I think we can all say we’ve been in a place where we were caught up in a search for our soul mate, husband, wife, significant other, whatever… and in that search we often find ourselves in this place of NOT finding anyone at all, or dating the same people over and over again.


I know I’ve been there and I want to tell this story in hopes that you can take away some of these lessons I’ve learned to help your mindset around attracting someone else in your life… anyone or anything.



If you’ve been with me from the beginning of Journal Theory, you know  I had just gone through a really rough breakup and that was a major transformation for me. At the time, I was getting to that point of being pretty much emotionally healed, and I wasn’t going to keep trying to get that person back, or continue to hope that we would get back together. I was beyond that point.



I had been allowing a lot of things to happen and unfold, and I was experiencing new things and people and had been very good about letting things just run their course.  I allowed myself to grieve. When you allow, it is the complete opposite of resisting. I wasn’t resistant the current situation anymore, unlike when the breakup was fresh and I was feeling the peak of the heartache. I was totally resistant to that situation initially and for obvious reasons because I didn’t want to be in it! I didn’t want to be apart from him. As I was growing away from that resistance, I was naturally became more accepting of the situation and in turn, made it easy for me allow things to unfold in a really exciting way.


I remember I was at my Dad’s wedding in the beginning of December and I remember very vividly having a conversation with some close family friends. They knew about the whole breakup.  Dad had brought them up to speed, so they knew what was going on, and we had been friends for years so they knew me when i was really little. And they had asked me how I was doing, They were so sorry to  hear what had happened, they had met him and we had been together for years so they knew it was a big ordeal in my life. They were chatting me up and there was point where I was getting emotional talking to them bout it… and what I love about this part is they immediately switched the conversation and asked me,


“What’s your ideal guy?”

“What is your type?”

“What are you into?”


I immediately started describing my type: I like really tall guys, I’m typically attracted to white males who are tall, lean, athletically built with beards and tattoos. I ADMITTEDLY will say that is also what my ex looked like, so I definitely had accumulated a type physically and that is still very much what I’m attracted to.


So, I was describing this “dream guy” word for word- physically. I could see him super clear. I didn’t think anything of it but was like oh yeah I know my type, I could tell you exactly what I’m into. And that was that, I couldn’t tell you much more about the conversation after that….


December continued on and it was a tough month for me. I was still healing, and although I was coming into this place of acceptance and moving forward, I was still healing and I was still feeling hurt. I had mentioned previously, that the final straw for me was around the holidays when there was just no acknowledgment and that was the tipping point for me. I was done after that.


I still had a little bit of healing to work through which was more or less around trust issues, but I truly was done. It was freeing because when that time came I got super, super clear with the universe that I was no longer going to tolerate feeling sad or spend any more time on this person. That really rang true. It was almost like this quantum leap in my mindset where I said okay I’m done….and I was instantly able to move forward. 

To listen to the full story, head on over to the Journal Theory Podcast (or hint hint: scroll to the bottom of this page)


I will however share some of these goodies with you. I truly believe that I manifested my hubs because of the following things:

​I got really clear on what I wanted by going  through and experiencing the things I did not want

I got to a place of no longer needing to be with someone which was HUGE because remember, “in your neediness you repel, in your allowing you attract.”

I was no longer needing my ex, my rebound, no longer needing anyone.

I just shifted the focus to having FUN.

I took the pressure of wanting to be in a relationship and released it. I went forward just looking for fun and freedom because  I was exhausted. I just wanted some carefree time and there was literally no expectation there.

I shifted my focus on how I was going to feel- seeking fun this part is super important. Before I was super focused on the other person, what they thought of me, what was next, the how, the when… everything except for how it was going to make me feel. 

I was not paying attention to how everything was affecting my energy and how it was making me fee. And I also just did not have the education and the knowledge around it this stuff yet.

When I decided I just wanted to have fun- which is purely resistance free- I basically decided to let myself just chill out and things quickly began to manifest. 


Actually learning my lesson from the challngeings the universe was bringing into my reality.

The universe was saying this is just an other opportunity for you to learn. You have to work your way through this in order to learn, have the knowledge and the well with all to be able to move forward and have the next relationship or next situation SERVE you in the best way.


People, circumstances, experiences- nothing is a coincidence. Everything comes into your life at the exactly right time. It’s all from your creation whether you are aware of it or not. I truly believe that Eddie was always meant to be for me, and was always going to be for me. And because I had been through all that I had been through, and worked my way through, healed from it, allowed things to unfold… thats why he walked into my life when he did and how he did. 

Bridal Session-131


So if I can send you off with any thought, its that you can have anyone, anything, any experience you want- you do have complete creative control. So if you find yourself far away from that thing, experience, or person you might want to ask

“Is there anything repeating in my life that maybe I might need to learn from?”

 “Am I actually paying attention and am I learning the lesson from this?”


Bridal Session-129

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