Overcoming Anxiety, Depression & Massive Stress- Don’t Unpack & Stay there | with Amber Duffle

“I just don’t unpack and stay there.”- Amber Duffle

When I heard Amber say this in regards to her anxiety, I knew I wanted to quote the sh*t out of it. Its genius. We all have experienced stress, anxiety or maybe even depression at some point in our lives and on some days you just allow it to camp out. The game changer is not allowing yourself to completely unpack and stay in that place.

I met Amber through Instagram and we instantly connected over entrepreneurship, body image, mindfulness and all kinds of other woo-woo stuff. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amber a couple of times now and she is just the sweetest and a truly gifted photographer. One thing I love is that she is passionate about connecting other people. I to have that passion and its through story. I felt like it was time to share hers.

To hear Amber’s full story head on over to the podcast, or scroll to the bottom of this post! Making life easier for ya 😉

My biggest takeaway from Amber’s story was that if you don’t fix the root of the problem, it will find another way to manifest its way into your life.

In her experience, it was through physical pain & ailments. Stress and anxiety can literally show up in any way, shape or form in your body and its not likely we take the time to reduce that stress.

Listen to your body as its smarter than you! Sorry not sorry. No really, your body is an incredible machine that is forever functioning.

Ultimately, managing your mind is the root of everything. If you can master your thoughts and emotions, you can create anything in your reality. Some ways that Amber holistically cared for herself were with:

  • Essential Oils
  • Energy Clearings
  • Journaling (extra points for this one!)

Again, listen to Amber’s full story for her encounters with stress, anxiety, people pleasing, failed & successful relationships and so much more. Growth looks good on her =)

You can reach out to Amber for any questions or advice you may have.


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