Behind the lines of a military marriage | with Hannah from Abundantly Rooted

Like all my new friends these days, I met Hannah from good ol Instagram. We began to click over positive messages, spiritual talk and affirmations for an abundant future. I noticed her from a far and I really wanted to get to know her better.

the life of a military wife

After chatting back and forth, I realized she had many stories to tell. The one that stuck out to me was her life as a military wife. Its a world I knew very little about, yet I know thousands of women are living in it.

I believe it takes an incredibly strong woman to be able to take on the role of a wife to someone serving our country. The lows of being alone, the fear of the unknown while your husband is on deployment, the joy of seeing him after months, and the ebb and flow of all of these emotions in between are enough to spike my cortisol levels just writing about it.


As a life coach as well as a support system for military spouses, Hannah is dishing out some seriously powerful life lessons. In our chat, she tells the story of how she went from being someone who would NEVER date anyone in the military, to marrying one. She tells us how she turned her victim mentality to an abundant mentality. We dive into fear, self-awareness, and the indescribable feeling of seeing your husband finally set foot on home soil.

Join us for the full podcast episode and listen to the entire story!



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