The Heaviness of Love | Motherhood, & the Stuff they DON’T tell you about #momlife with Kaitlin Booker

In this episode, I sat down with one of my very best friends, Kaitlin Booker, and we talked about #momlife. Although this subject is a never-ending story and the conversation could literally go on forever, we dove into an important topic and one that propelled Kaitlin into a massive growth period. No, not just motherhood; although that alone is an entirely different life. It was the heaviness of love and how that plays a substantial part in your relationships with your children, your significant other, and yourself. Love, this unexpected depth on a spectrum that there is virtually no way to prepare yourself for.

Copy of the life of a military wife

Two BIG things resonated with me during this episode that I feel are a MUST for you to hear. But just in case you don’t make it through the entire episode (how dare you), here it is.

  1. Holding your newborn child is like holding a piece of you on the outside of your body…. holy hell. Could that be any more perfectly true? Its no wonder we get crazy emotional, clingy, and downright terrified during this time in our newfound lifestyle. Well said, Kaitlin.
  2. Be flexible about the expectations you have put on yourself about the type of mother you are going to be. This will undoubtedly change. Social Media, the comparison game, the way you were brought up, and every other mother F’ing thing that has filtered its way into your expectations will not be the way you will always parent. Follow your gut, relax on yourself and trust that your style of mommyhood is just that… your style. Own it.
    Please enjoy the full episode as I’m sure you will get lots of insight, laughs, and if you’re a mom, I’m confident you’ll find yourself saying “Omg, that was me too.”


Journal Prompt:

Document your feelings, today and each day going forward. Ask yourself, why am I feeling this way? What triggered this? How can I overcome it next time?

You may not find the answers to all of those questions right now, but when you open it up to the Universe, it finds a way to bring you the answers you need to know.



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