Microscope Theory | When we take ACTION based off what we think OTHERS want from us.

I’ve lived the better part of my life feeling like someone is always watching my every move. No, not in a psycho-thriller kind of way. In a someone-is-waiting-for-me-to-mess-up kind of way. Pretty lame right? I don’t know where it came from- the ego, my shyness, my aim to please and get praise? It was probably all of those things rolled into one.

I call this the Microscope Theory. Its the idea that if other people have eyes on me, then I better make sure I act in accordance of what they expect of me. I better look put together because my friends might judge me. I better make it obvious that I’m picking up my dog’s poop right now so any passerby can clearly see I’m doing my part. I better be overly prepared for this meeting so my boss can see I’m an exemplary employee. Even as I write those words, I’m thinking “Man, that is a messed up mentality.” Its the truth though. I’ve battled those thoughts for as long as I remember.

Part of this mentality has created a well-developed sense of integrity in me, as I always strive to do the right thing (because hey, someone is watching!); however, its likely held me back from doing a lot of things that I want to do. Its allowed my ego to control a lot, and kept my higher self at bay.

In this episode of the Journal Theory Podcast, I talk about my experience stopping the Microscope in its tracks and taking a few steps out of my own comfort zone. Listen to the full episode for more!


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