The Events that Caused One Year of Massive Growth with Haley Cole

When you were 23 years old, were you thinking about how to improve yourself, grow, work on your mindset, spread love & vulnerability? Not me! I wish I had the mindset that Haley Cole has at such a young age. Haley is the creator of The Bold & Bright where she is inspiring others on their health and wellness journeys.
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In this episode, we discuss all the events that lead up to a BIG year of massive growth and change: from toxic relationships and dysmorphic body image to masking emotions and how to grow through them.

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Haley’s 3 things we can do NOW to start loving who we are:

  1. Look in the mirror and say 3 things you like about you
  2. Journaling- write about good things in the day, do a pulse check asking why you are feeling the way you’re feeling.
  3. Meditation!!
Don’t just accept a mediocre life.

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