How to Tap into your Intuition

What does it mean to actually listen or hear your intuition for the first time? You’ve probably heard it a lot in your lifetime: trust your gut, follow your instincts, listen to your intuition. You may be really in tune with that already and you may not. You may already notice what its like when your intuition is speaking up, but you don’t follow it.

Your gut, your instinct, your intuition it’s all the same thing. Its your Internal Guidance System, your internal GPS. It’s this guidance system within you that is connected to your source, provider, source, God whatever you believe in. Its this unseen, not tangible connection to the universal energy that is. Although it may not be physical, its metaphysical as its part of your energetic source. Whatever you want to call it, trust in your Gut!

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What does that mean? This can show up in a couple of ways:

Your internal Guidance is in place to guide you in the best direction at all times. I believe that its there to always steer you in the best direction, not necessarily the right direction, because I feel like there are a million different paths you can take, not just one. But it always steers you in a good direction and keeps you on a path of aligned living.

For example, you know when you’ve met somebody and you can’t quite put your finger on why they make you uneasy, or you cannot seem to want to trust them? Despite all they say or do, something just doesn’t feel quite right and you don’t want to be around them. That’s your intuition telling you to steer clear of them, for whatever reason!

Or you know when you hear those stories of people who are maybe walking down the street and they feel like someone is watching them or following them, and you can’t see or identify that someone is there, but something just does not feel right? You may feel instantly alerted, your physical senses all of the sudden feel heightened, and you all of the sudden feel hyper aware of your surroundings… that’s your intuition sending you a message.

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Or have you ever got this insane nudge, almost like this wild hair up your but to do something or call somebody, or create something? That’s your intuition saying, “Go do this! Say this. Create this.” IT is something that is simply guiding you down the path that you want to go.

It could be something as simply as calling up a friend and it turns into this great conversation that you really didn’t even know you needed to have. It could be something as intense and extreme as driving straight to the police station because you feel like you’re being followed. I know that sounds extreme (and maybe it’s because we are approaching Halloween and I’ve been watching the Sopranos a lot), but you hear about stories like that all the time!

Intuition has a way of communicating with you and can show up a lot of different ways. It’s different for everyone! I’ve heard some other people talk about this download, this idea just pops in their head out of nowhere. Some people hear a voice that actually tells them what their next step is, and for some of us its more a very physical feeling. That, for me is so so true.

It’s this knowingness you have inside of you which is so hard to explain, but you know when you rationalize and tried to make a logical decision, yet you don’t feel 100% comfortable with that decision? That is your intuition saying HEY HEY HEY, we are actually trying to navigate you in a different direction, the path we want you to take is actually going to be more aligned with what you want, more fun, easier, more enjoyable.

Instances like these don’t make logical sense. You certainly could not explain it to someone else but you just KNOW deep, deep down what the right decision is.

For me its a physical feeling. I’m not all that familiar with chakras, admittedly, but I feel my misalignment I feel it in my stomach which I actually don’t think that’s a chakra now that I’m saying that. Any time that I experiencing something negative or heavy or stressful, it often manifests as an unpleasant feeling in my gut, my physical stomach. It could be the feeling of uneasiness, pain, discomfort and sometimes it feels like something is literally weighing down my stomach because I am feeling this misalignment.

When I am feeling aligned, elated and things are all unfolding and I’m able to experience that byproduct of allowing and following my intuition, it feels pretty incredible. This may sound funky but I feel it my Sacral Chakra, the pelvic Area. You know the firework, I believe it’s called a blossom, it’s this colorful buzzing ball of energy that zips along the ground. I feel like that is what is going on inside my body. It is such a cool feeling and it sends these shocks of energy, I swear, down the back of my legs. That is a physical feeling that I’m getting a nudge to do something, creating something or even simply capture the idea. It’s a very physical sensation for me, but it will be different for everyone.

It can be physical, it can be audible where you hear a voice, there are those who can see auras and energy, or it can simply be a deep knowingness you cannot ignore.

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The first step is to tuning in to your Intuition. Getting connected with your intuition is a start. Recognize when your intuition is firing. It can fire on all cylinders, like in those life or death situations that you hear about, your intuition will blare at volume 10, you cannot ignore me! Or the volume could be down at 1 and you are just getting nudges. The better and better you can get by recognizing when your intuition is signaling you, the more that you can actually take action. That’s where the magic happens!

The Law of Action is a huge step in the process of manifestation. It is to take those nudges, those downloads, those really cool physical feelings – butterflies is the best way to describe it and do something with them, act on them!

A lot of the time when i am creating these podcast episodes, just like this one, I am in complete alignment. This stuff is just flowing through me, I’m not even thinking about what I’m saying before I say it. The words are simply coming to me because I am feeling so aligned with the message. As I’m speaking, I actually feel the tingling in the back of my legs, and the feeling of what’s going to come of this, I’m excited for whats going to happen next, in my body.

Some of you might be thinking that’s super weird, but its true! If you can think about a time when something gave you butterflies, maybe a date, or the idea of buying a new home, or getting a new job, it’s because your path is lighting up. Your intuition is saying we’ve got something really exciting for you on the other side of this, just stay the course. That’s your butterflies!- Your intuition signaling to you that some great things are to come.

I”ve got this theory that your intuition is going to find the best channel to signal you. In the process through this but historically I am somebody who has over thought and over-analyze and have analysis paralysis. So I feel like if my ideas and downloads were to try and come through me cerebrally and they were just ideas in my head, I think I would try to negate that and argue that with my logic. Which is why I am way more in tune with my feelings, and so the physical channel is the way that my intuition likes to speak to me. I cannot deny when my body is about to erupt with excitement. That is not something I know how to logically argue.

So start asking the universe for guidance in the smallest of ways. Start listening to your intuition and try to tune into it. The better and better you get to that, the easier it will be for you find the answers to which you are asking the universe.


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