Sobriety, Shedding Labels & Energetic Boundaries with Ariana Fotinakis

Ariana Fotinakis is an intuitive coach, writer, and avid lover of fitness. After struggling with addiction for over 10 years, she turned her life around by first focusing on her health, and then by focusing on serving others. She now coaches women in a variety of capacities from fitness to business, helping them strengthen their connections to their inner guidance systems so they can confidently take action towards big scary goals.
Join our chat today as we dive into the transformational story of getting sober, reconnecting with true identity, establishing energetic boundaries and so much more!

Soak up some of Ariana’s recommendations!

Books: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks (this one has been changing my life lately!!!) Daring Greatly &  Braving the Wilderness both by Brene Brown

Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore

The Honest Guys YouTube Channel- these are excellent meditations!!

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