How to Overcome Phone Anxiety!

She asked me if I wanted to practice role playing sales on the phone… 😳

I looked at my boss and said, NOPE! I’m good.

I used to hate taking phone inquiries and “selling” over the phone. I mean what were they thinking on the other end? Were they judging me? Did I sound knowledgeable enough? What if I couldn’t say my whole schpeal? And the worst…. What if they had a question I didn’t have the answer to 😩

It’s been some time since I’ve been able to overcome my phone anxiety but I’ll be real with you, its my least favorite form of communication.

I like to see a person’s face, read their body language and use non-verbal communication. It’s simply where I excel when it comes to people and I think it tells a much more powerful story. This is why I do ALL of my coaching via video and not just phone calls.

However, I have a few tips on how to overcome phone anxiety, a place where many of us feel SHY AF and want to gain more confidence:

✨ Walk around: Take your phone calls outside, around the office or at least out of your chair. Think of this as moving and manipulating your nervous energy into excited energy!

✨Remind yourself of why the person is talking to you. Its highly likely they are looking for information, some help or even guidance. Come from a place of service and how you can help them, rather than being a victim of any judgement.

✨Ask yourself this: Do you expect yourself to have all the answers when people speak to you in person? Probably not! Transparency & vulnerability go a hell of a lot further than having all the answers in most cases. Give yourself some credit for getting on the call, and give yourself some grace for not needing to know everything.

Listen to this full episode to get all of my tips on how to overcome phone anxiety!

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