Seek to be Curious

Today’s message for all of you:  Seek to be curious.
Many of you are now in a place where you are starting to be come more aware of how you feel. You are paying attention to your thoughts and that is an incredible first step. Without the awareness, it makes shifting into better feeling states very challenging.
Sometimes this is where we get stuck. We don’t always know how to shift from feeling upset to happy.
Well you don’t.
Some of you may have heard me talk about shifting your focus onto something that is just one or two vibrations higher than your current state.
Take a look at the emotional guidance scale below to get an idea of what I’m talking about
One sneaky little vibration I hardly hear anyone talk about is curiosity. I view this as a bridging vibration between the negative and the positive. If you think about something you’d be curious about, often times you are seeking out things that you WANT to find.
Think of a time when you went through a breakup. You grieved, you hurt, you felt angry and sad… but then came a time when you became a little bit more interested in dating again. Other people began to catch your eye. You wondered what it might be like to go on a date with this person, or that person. You started to picture what it might be like to have new experiences with new people.
That’s curiosity.
It’s a bridging emotion.
What it does is it guides your mind to seek out things you want to see and you can build up on it. You get curious about one thing, it leads you to think of another thing, then another, then another, and soon enough your mind is seeking out all of the things you want it to – helping you jump to a much higher vibration.
Tap into your inner kiddo today & use curiosity to get yourself from a place of negative emotion to positive emotion!

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