When You’re Not Feeling Accomplished- Try this!

It’s too damn easy to not feel like you are accomplishing enough these days. Everyone has a job and a side hustle, Instagram is showing us that 19 year olds are becoming millionaires and Mom’s with a full house of kids somehow have time to have a Pinterest-worthy house and perfectly braided extensions. 


We often get overwhelmed because there is so much possibility out there for us. And if you are anything like me, you have ideas up the ying yang and sometimes it feels hard to take action on any of them. So then you get stuck in this place of feeling like you aren’t accomplishing all the things you want to… talk about a confidence suck.

So what do we do? We make lists of all the things we have to do and then start tackling all the little minute things, the easy, things, the ones that don’t make a difference in our lives. YEAH, they don’t make a difference. All they do is give you a little dopamine rush when you check it off your list. Don’t get me wrong, I am huge fan of lists and brainstorming because they can help you get clarity on what steps you should take, but not all actionable items carry the same value. What we want to do is land on the top things that are actually going to make the biggest difference in our lives, our businesses, and our passions. 

I’ve created an easy way for you to prioritize your most important actionable items of the day. Your Top 3!  

▶︎ Download here to get started!​ ◀︎

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