When Shit Hits the Fan…

One lesson I learned in 2018 is that when shit starts to hit the fan and all kinds of things seem like they are falling apart or blowing up around you, it’s because future experiences are being rearranged and put into play for you. The things you’ve been asking for, the intentions you’ve set and the manifestations you visualized are making their way to you. And sometimes, when we truly get into a place of alignment, the pace in which the path begins to unfold becomes more rapid that we could ever expect. And it is disguised by a clusterfuck of things happening at once. ⠀
I like to think of it as being similar to the rearranging of furniture in a room. Before it becomes a beautiful, put together space, it feels cluttered and unappealing and always frustrating. ⠀
But it’s temporary!⠀
And so it’s the same for the rearranging process in life. So be thankful when shit hits the fan and allow it to do its dirty work because better things are right around the corner. ⠀

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