Why You’re Feeling Stuck + The POWER of DECIDE.

If you’re feeling stuck in any area of life it is because we are waiting for external circumstances to change in order for you to act differently.
We think… oh when I have a little bit more time, then I’ll be able to prioritize myself.
Or when I have a little bit more money, I’ll be able to invest in a personal trainer, coach or a program.
Or when things just calm down a little, I’ll pursue my dreams..
Life is crazy.
Life will always be crazy.
You will always have a commitment to attend to, something else to spend your money on, and limitless other prioritizes you fill up your life with.
Getting the result you want- becoming next level, highly confident, and in alignment – will come from…
Deciding to have something.
Deciding that you will do something about it- something different than what you are doing now.
And allowing it to unfold and fill in the cracks.
Think about when you are planning a vacation.
  1. You decide you are going.
  2. Then you decide you are going to book the hotel and then book the flights.
At this point, you have no doubt that you are actually going on this trip… so you don’t spend any time or energy worrying about whether or not this is the right trip for you because you don’t know all the little details of where you are going to eat, what excursions you might do, and most importantly- exactly how you are going to feel when you get home from your trip.
This is like any journey into the unknown.
Whether that be taking the leap to show up on a LIVE in the online space.
Whether that be investing in your personal growth by taking a course or getting a coach.
Or it be doing something big like leaving your job, or a relationship that is no longer serving you.
You don’t get what you want by waiting for the environment around you to change.
You don’t enjoy the experience of a tropical vacation by waiting for your hometown to magically transform into a 5 star resort in Bali….
So if you wait for your circumstances to change in order to BE who you want to be… you’ll be waiting a lifetime.
Decide what you want.
Decide you’ll do whatever you need to do to make that happen.
One tiny little decision can change the trajectory of your life.
Just decide. 


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