Stop Letting Your Looks Prevent You From SHOWING UP!

You can still show up when you aren’t put together
Looking good doesn’t mean shit when it comes to your capabilities. We can’t let that get in the way of us doing what we want to do or prevent us from showing up in scenarios we want to participate in.
I think there is some value in looking good, but it has nothing to do with your worth, capability, skill or value. There is some value to liking the way you look because, when you look good- you feel good. 
So take care of your body and take care of your health, wear some make up… whatever boosts the vibe.
Where it becomes a trap is when we think our looks are directly connected to our value and our capabilities and the things that make up our worth. I want you to feel empowered and know that what you wear, how your hair is styled, what you look like has  o business getting in the way of stopping you from doing the things you want to do!

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