Beat Social Anxiety and OWN the Room!

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt like it swallowed you up whole?
Or felt like you disappeared and became a wallflower?
Maybe you dread walking into a room full of people you don’t know because the idea of having to talk a bunch of people is overwhelming!
    What if I have nothing to say?
    What will they think of me?
    I don’t fit in.
    I don’t even know anyone.
    I’m going to be so awkward.
    I suck a starting conversations.
I can’t tell you how many social events I have avoided going to because I felt ALL of those things. I’ve sat in silence for entire semesters in college because I was shy AF. I’ve clung to my one friend at the party because I didn’t feel like I could fly on my own.
Times have changed, baby! And you can change them too…
A couple of months ago I went to a networking event and honestly… I felt like I owned the room and it felt UHHHHMAZING. These are the exact things I did and I want to share them with you 👇🏻
How to OWN a room when you walk into it!
  1. Set your intentions: Consider this to be a little prepwork before you go into the room. Doing this alone has the power to change your entire experience so if you are going to do any of these steps, this is the one you want to do! Declare how you want to feel when in that room.
    1. How do you want the experience to go? Setting your intentions and putting laser focus on what you want to get out of it, sets in motion LOA to bring that forth to you.
    2. So, although its super simple, putting the words out there isn’t quite enough. You’ll want to get yourself into a high vibe state- basically anything that feels GOOD. The more good, the better. I use music as my tool.
    3. Then I close my eyes, take deep breaths and  say, “It is my intention…”
  1. Have an elevator pitch: I talked about this when I was going to my networking event. I found myself getting a little nervous leading up to it which took me by surprise a little.
    1. I realized my nerves were stemming from not knowing how to tell people what I do for a living- HA!
    2. So I created an elevator pitch for myself.
    3. You can do this for personal life too, not just professional
    4. Ask yourself- what conversation am I nervous about having? What am I feeling unprepared for? 
    5. Then prepare to have that convo!
  1. Wear something you feel confident in- not something you want to feel good in (there’s a difference)
    1. Super simple. I wore jeans, a cute little top and some wedges. I felt totally comfortable and bomb at the same time.- a combo that is necessary for me
    2. Wear what makes you shine. 
    3. Not what you see other people shine in.
  1. Focus on other people
    1. This one is a game-changer right here. 
    2. We go into nerve-wracking situations 100% focused on us: how we feel, how others are perceiving us, what we need to say/not say, how we look, etc.
    3. What you focus on, expands
    4. So if we are focused on our Nerves… guess what, nervousness will expand.
    5. When we focus externally- on other people, guess what happens to nerves… they start to disintegrate- melt away.
    6. Some of you may feel like this is tough- being a conversation starter- pick 3 questions you’d genuinely like to know about people and have those ready.
      1. There is no shame in being prepared before something like this.
      2. You’d be prepared for a speech, why not a social situation that makes you just as anxious?
    7. GENUINELY seek to be curious about others
      1. Client- felt like she needed to carry on conversation
      2. YO- you don’t have to small talk if you don’t want to!
  1. Picture a light radiating off of you.
    1. We are all energy. 
    2. Literally everything on this planet is comprised of energy down to the cellular level.
    3. So, when you focus on radiating a bright, white light (or whatever color calls to you)- I believe white is more of a cleansing light, its almost impossible for others to ignore
    4. Its like the difference between waking around with a cloud around you, and a ray of sunshine. 
    5. You cannot see the difference, but you can feel it.
**reminder: everyone is focused on themselves and not worried about you! 
So go in with the intention of FUN and setting an expectation for everything to go better than you planned!
I want to know your biggest takeaways, so let me know down in the comments!
Which one are you most excited to apply!?
  1. Setting Intentions
  2. Elevator Pitch
  3. Confident Clothing
  4. Focus on Others
  5. Radiating Light
You are capable of anything. Feel it. Know it. Expect it.
To Your Infinite Potential,
💕 Jordan 



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