Yes, you ARE worthy of the Promotion.

So you’ve landed the job, or you are prepping to interview for the position you’ve been wanting and then this little thought starts to creep in… 
“But what if I’m not qualified enough? What if I’m not good enough to be here? What if they find out that I’m not as awesome as they think I am.”
Girlfriend, you have a worthiness problem. Fortunately (and unfortunately) you are not alone. I myself have been in this space many times and found myself struggling to see myself as the talented individual my superiors saw me as… even after I had been awarded the promotion!
We play a dirty little game with ourselves- we build up the courage and tell ourselves we are badass women and so when we land the job, win the promotion, or receive any manifestation really, we then question whether or not we are worthy of having it.
In this episode, Katherine Orcutt and I dive into the mindset behind the worthiness struggles in the workplace and some action steps you can take now to improve your feeling of worthiness to be in any position you want to!
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