with me

experience the power of breathwork in a private setting or shared space

what type of breathwork

are you looking for?

breathwork sessions

the ultimate self care. breathe with specific themes and intentions designed just for you. 

breathwork sessions

share the power of breathwork with family and friends to heal and grow together

retreat &
summit workshops

breathwork for your guests to experience deep relief, healing & opportunity for growth. 

guest coaching for
programs & masterminds

for your clients access to a powerful healing
modality to augment their growth & transformation

& group

receive guided facilitation from me in a 60-minute meditative breathwork session. each session intention, music and cues are carefully crafted for the type of experience you desire – whether it be anxiety relief, accessing your higher self or trauma release.

for in-person sessions, please message me

retreats &

enhance your retreat, summit, or corporate program with a workshop designed specifically for your event. 

guest coaching

transform your clients

chances are you’re using modalities like meditation, journaling, tapping/EFT, and hypnosis with your clients. And although they are amazing…

I’ve found that nothing works as instantaneously and is as impactful as breathwork. 

by accessing the power of their own breath, your clients can experience self-healing and transformation at a deep, emotional, and energetic level. 

incorporate modules into your program where I teach your clients about breathwork, provide integrative exercises and take them through transformational sessions.



“Very healing and helpful for what I am currently experiencing in my life. It was really impactful and felt a lot of release.”

- Katherine Naser, Manager

“Simply incredible! So much healing and releasing in the meditative portion. Jordan communicates everything so incredibly well. Her intuition is off the charts!”

- Joy Schulz, Coach

“It was an incredible experience. Jordan facilitated it beautifully. I knew what to expect and was able to relax thanks to her guidance. Her music was perfect. And he cues were timed well.”

- LeAnne Fuller, Author & Podcaster

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